Our services are built to order, meaning that they extend beyond this list to met the needs of the individual and family we’re serving at that time. Each doula relationship is unique as a result. Below is a non-exhaustive list of what a relationship with a death doula can do for you and yours.

  • Assistance with completing advance directives for health care and death care
  • Assistance with fulfilling final wishes, healing relationships, and/or putting things in order
  • In-home, hospital, hospice, or nursing home visits
  • Companion care and caregiver relief/support
  • Holding space while life-support is discontinued (includes: after-death rituals and body preparation if desired)
  • Support with stillborn and infant death and bringing baby home for a home funeral
  • Suggestion of interventions for comfort of all present
  • Development of vigil plans
  • Guided imagery and meditations to help alleviate anxiety and suffering
  • Life review and legacy projects
  • Development of meaningful, accessible rituals for healing, commemoration, and continued bonds
  • Continuous bedside presence during the final stages of the dying process
  • Guidance with after death care of the body and home funerals
  • Coordinating with funeral homes
  • Assistance with funeral planning
  • Obituary and eulogy writing support
  • After death follow-up and grief support
  • Referral to other community resources as appropriate

We also:

  • Facilitate grief circles for marginalized communities
  • Create and deliver educational workshops for healthcare professionals, social worker, and other groups about death doula services

PDDC doulas seek to provide care that enables the individual to live as fully as possible, even when the medical prognosis is terminal.

Every transition from life to death is sacred and unique. We believe everyone deserves a good death. We are currently located in Philadelphia and are willing to travel to serve your needs.

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