Sliding Scale

In order to provide services to as many individuals and families in our community as possible, we request your active participation in deciding your contribution. Please bear in mind that we are often socialized to see what we lack better than the big and small privileges we do have. We are open to questions and look forward to serving you.

Tier 1

  • I frequently stress about meeting basic needs and don’t always achieve them.
  • I have debt that sometimes prohibits me from meeting my basic needs.
  • Working through survival credit card debt.
  • I have no access to savings.
  • I have no or very limited expendable income. I qualify for government assistance, including food stamps and healthcare.
  • My family does not have access to assets; I send money to my family when able.
  • I rent lower-end properties or have unstable housing.

Price: $0-$75 per hour.

Tier 2

  • I may stress about meeting my needs sometimes but I regularly achieve them.
  • I have some debt but it does not prohibit attainment of basic needs. May include student loans, and most people in my family have higher education.
  • I might have some savings.
  • I can take a vacation annually or every few years.
  • I have some expendable income; able to have some new items and some thrift.
  • My family has some assets, like owning a home. My housing is stable and mid- to higher-end.

Price: $75-$125 per hour.

Tier 3

  • I am able to meet all of my basic needs.
  • I may have some debt but it does not prohibit attainment.
  • I have access to savings and both earned and unearned assets.
  • I can afford an annual vacation and/or take time off without financial burden.
  • I have expendable income.
  • My family has assets like investments and property. Someone else contributes to my rent, mortgage, or down-payment.
  • I own my home and/or rent a higher-end property. I have or anticipate inheriting property. I own or lease a car.

Price: $125-$175 per hour.

Depending on where you live, PDDC may also include a flat travel charge to cover gas and travel time. We try our best to connect individuals with doulas in their community whenever possible to alleviate cost but are willing to travel.

This sliding scale and some of the associated verbiage was introduced to PDDC via the Andean Medicine for Liberation workshop hosted by Coca Rosa at Centro Corona. PDDC acknowledges and appreciates the intellectual labor performed in creating such effective tools! If you are aware of the original creator of this scale, please let us know as we would like to credit and/or compensate them.

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